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Since 2000

Created in San Clemente, CA, originally as a backcountry backpacking spice that brings the heat, now a common staple in kitchens and restaurants.  We pride ourselves on creating a take-along seasoning that’s hot yet versatile, made with zero sugar and low sodium, and delivers a kick to your tastebuds! Use it as a rub or sprinkle it on anything from eggs, burgers, fish, guac, and popcorn. The possibilities are endless. With a passion to deliver heat and happiness to you all, stay tuned as we are continuously learning and staying creative. We have more recipes up our sleeves!  

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"Bang Bang’s is the best! Takes my breakfast eggs from snooze fest to an explosion of deliciousness! Great on chicken and steak too! I’m a major foodie and love adding bang bang’s to my food for some added oomph!"

Kelli McBride, California 


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