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Get to Know Us

We’re a pretty diverse bunch at Bang Bang's, but the one thing that unites us is our love for incredible quality food and outstanding customer service. Find out more about our amazing staff below.

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Phil Franklin

Head Moron

               Having a Filipino mother, Phil spent many summers growing up in Lapu Lapu, Philippines. 

Their housekeeper/gardener Ciriaca grew one of the hot local peppers (Bird’s Eye).  When Phil was acting like an idiot, his mom would make him chew on these for punishment.  In turn, he got quite used to the heat and even began loving the peppers.  Eating hot peppers became his norm and is now part of his daily consumption 


Melissa Franklin

Moron Director

Melissa is creative, patient, and better with organizing than Phil or Ruffy.  She keeps things in check (Phil).  She is not so keen on extra hot peppers, but does enjoy some spice, which is why they created a mild version.  Same seasoning, just a little less heat.

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Ruffy Franklin

Head Invigorator

Ruffy is a 3 year old mini Golden Doodle that has a personality much like his dads, very energetic, fun loving, playful, hyper, and requires a lot of attention. 

His role is solely to make us laugh, which keeps our spirits up and puts us in the right head space to create!  Whoof!



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